Serrat(u)s Bodywork Zürich

Since 2002 in circle 4

Serratus Bodywork invites people of all origins, lifestyles and genders to its peaceful oasis full of charm and stories in the middle of Zurich. Here you experience your essence and come into a mindful balance. Your awake heart meets itself and others – creatively, wildly or quietly. Yoga, body treatments, meditation, workshops and rituals await you and your next step. Since 2002, your path to you and your power has been our passion.


Serrat(u)s offers in a private sauna , space for workshops, yoga studio, events, private trainings. A few impressions…



SRF documentary about Langstrasse

The yoga excerpt from the SRF documentary about Langstrasse — already a decade ago! And almost 20 in circle 4.

The whole documentary, 360˚ Langstrasse (2011).

“Surrounded by the loud and shrill world of Langstrasse, she has created an oasis of calm.”


Serrat(u)s ist eine Oase für Yoga, Körperarbeit, Pilates Reformer & Shibari Bondage in Zürich.

serrat(u)s - Image Film 2014

A Image Film for serrat(u)s studio, Zurich (

Idea & realisation by ©MAKANART 2014

Music by Michael Morris ( recorded & arranged by MAKANISM REC.
Sound-Mix by Begavi (

Special thanks to the Models: Susan, Michael, Momo & Trix