Massage Treatments

Release neck, shoulder and deep-tissue tension

Massage is a silent conversation with each client’s body. Gentle touch gives the body the feeling of being loved and supports the necessary process of letting go, which lets you release stress and reset yin and yang energies.

Choose between flowing, full-body Esalen® massages with hydrating essential oils or our focused, therapeutic massages that target tension in deep-tissue such as the neck and shoulder area. Clothed treatments include the holistic stretching of a Thai yoga massage, as well as revitalising Pranic healing. Expectant mothers and babies can benefit from a stress-reducing pregnancy massage.

Our treatments restore harmony and leave you feeling peace and relaxation. Each can be combined with the soothing warmth of our private sauna in Kreis 4.

Esalen Massage­

A flowing full-body massage journey

Characterised by light, flowing strokes over the entire length of the body, Esalen® massage includes passive joint movements and deep structural work on muscles and joints. Gentle, rocking movements — always in harmony with your breathing — balance your body’s energy and connect the physical, the mental and the emotional into a single feeling of bliss.

I use a nourishing blend of aromatic essential oils to hydrate the skin. The massage ends with a healing song and sage-incense, which cleanses and clears the soul and spirit.


90 minutes I Strength: gentle to medium I Body zones: Full body I CHF 160

Therapeutic Massage

Release neck, shoulder and deep-tissue tension

In this intense treatment, I use concentrated pressure and different techniques such as kneading and beating. I untie knots and release tension, particularly in the back and shoulder/neck areas, using my elbows, forearms and stroking movements to reach deep tissue.

This treatment is ideal for clients, who need deep work to smooth and soften muscles.

This massage helps to create the feeling of space in the joints – the face is also relaxed. On request I can integrate hot stones into the treatment.


90 minutes I Strength: medium to strong I Body zones: selective I CHF 160

Thai-Yoga Massage­

The benefits of Thai yoga massage

This holistic treatment uses gentle stretching and mobilising movements to restore the flow of blocked energies in your body. Careful pressure with hands and feet has a grounding effect and gives the body a feeling of spaciousness. Afterwards you feel deeply relaxed and refreshed.

The full-body experience is often described as ‘passive yoga’.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing for this treatment performed on a futon.


90 minutes I Strength: gentle to strong I Body zones: Full body I CHF 180

Pregnancy Massage

The relaxing benefits of pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massages have been shown to reduce stress hormones in the body. Endorphins, ‘happy hormones’ are produced, which calm and relax your nervous system. Your baby senses this in the womb too. Do something good for you and your baby!

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps with tension, fatigue and headaches
  • Calms the nerves and helps with sleep disorders.
  • Reduces muscle tension, especially in the middle and upper back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and pelvis.
  • Relieves joints, which are particularly stressed by the increased weight.
  • Promotes skin elasticity and can thus reduce tissue tears.
  • Reduces water retention in your legs and feet.

The massage can be performed in comfortable clothing in a lateral position on a futon.

If you wish the massage can include soothing and aromatic essential oils.


50 minutes I Strength: gentle I Body zones: selective od. Full body I CHF 120

Massage and Private Sauna

The complete private spa experience

Combine any massage with a private sauna session. Complete your massage by surrounding yourself in the soothing warmth and tranquility of our private sauna. Totally cleanse your body and soul.


Massage: 60 min I Sauna: 30 min I CHF 180

Pranic Healing

Energising & Harmonising Pranic Healing Sessions

The sessions are designed to realign the energy body, restore the electromagnetic field and the overall state of health and well-being. The applied techniques from the fields of Reiki, hypnosis, sound healing have an energising and harmonising effect.

The treatment is performed in comfortable clothing on a futon.


75 minutes I Strength: gentle I Body zones: non-contact I CHF 150