For a fulfilled life, it can help to recognize our personality: Abilities, motivations and needs as well as weaknesses are present in our assets as a valuable treasure.

The portal

It promotes the understanding of relationships and enables a peaceful life with each other.

Comprehensive astrology takes into account the zodiacal signs of ten planets, the Sun and Moon are seen as planets in this context. The star system is considered in terms of its effects on the Earth, the axis that was active when the individual was born.

It is within this cosmos that we humans act and evolve. We are mirrored in the sky, so to speak. “As above so below”, is the principle of astrology. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm of man.
Each being of us is unique.
We are all connected from the starry sky to the earth – Love and Peace Susan Fischer

Offer analysis of your personality

  • Meaning of your radix birth chart
  • Explanation: learning to read your own horoscope
  • Development and potential in the horoscope vocation
  • Horoscope interpretation theme partnership
  • Karmic imprints, meaning of life

First session: 90 minutes / cost CHF 220.-
Further sessions: 60 minutes / costs CHF 120.-

Space for practical implementation in everyday life and tasks for body awareness

For the preparation I spend two hours each time for the desired horoscope and question.

In the sessions I invite you to experience the deep meaning of yourself in the dialogue of personality analysis. The horoscope helps to see parts of yourself and to recognize where unconscious emotional needs want to be fulfilled. In the conversation I trust in the inner intuitive primal knowledge. The moment of your birth was stored on the cellular level of your body and always remains a part of you. Through bodywork the session can be integrated if desired.

Astro Forecast

by Bettina Bettini