Finding balance and realising the new

Astrological preview for Oktober 2023

Gifts from heaven

In the second half of the month, Venus in Virgo forms a beautiful conjunction with the lucky planet Jupiter and then makes a grounded and productive connection with Uranus and Pluto, the two powerful planets responsible for change.

This connection takes place in the earth signs – these are tremendous forces of realisation!
This wonderful earth energy is a reward, makes work well done bear sweet fruit.


Bring about personal change
Personally, you can make your life more authentic. The time of change has begun in 2020. This is not only evident in world events and extreme natural phenomena – it is also evident in your personal life. Whatever you want to let into your life, let go of what is holding you back. It is time to dissolve old stories. Be courageous, active and stay in love and compassion when making decisions. 

The solar eclipse of 14 October
The Sun is in the sign of Libra and the New Moon, which is also an eclipse, is in the sign of partnerships. Plant the seeds for authentic, enriching, long-lasting partnerships on October 14.

It is time to forge new alliances, clarify, strengthen or even dissolve relationships. Organisational issues, such as a more practical and efficient allocation of resources, are also favoured.

Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries are particularly affected by the constellations But also all those who have their ascendant or personal planets such as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in these signs.

World events
What happens at an eclipse can be historically drastic and have a lasting effect.

Eclipses are known to cause major eruptions in world events. Natural events, political and economic crises can intensify during these months. The horoscope of the USA is particularly affected; the second eclipse in October falls in the second house of the USA, theFinancialHouse!,- Worldwide repercussions could result.

October chronologically: 

October 4, Mercury enters Libra – diplomatic talks and decisions. Over the next few weeks, communication becomes more diplomatic and tactful, negotiating skills are sharpened.

Many people associate Libra with indecisiveness, but we should remember that Libra is a cardinal, initiating sign. Mercury in Libra aims to move things forward: To develop ideas, initiate conversations and reach agreements.

If you’re stuck with a long list of tasks and decisions (nothing unusual after Mercury retrograde), Mercury transit in Libra is a great opportunity to finally make the important decisions,

October 9 to November 8, Venus in Virgo – making everyday life more fulfilling.
It was a long transit of Venus in Leo. Venus has been in the Leo sign for a whole four months. We are now changing from a party girl to a working girl.

Now is the time for practicality. It is necessary to be industrious. Love and attention are directed towards everyday life and its routines.


11 October to 3 May 2024, Pluto direct – profound changes.
When an outer planet like Pluto changes direction, its energy is stronger than usual.

On October 11 (give or take 2 days), Plutonian energy will peak. At this time we can expect intense thoughts, feelings and events that will bring about profound changes in our lives.
Relationship patterns will be particularly strongly reviewed, and all that has been repressed will come to the table once again. Pluto transits feel cleansing – they ask us to clear out what is no longer in order so that we can make space for new life.

If you have planets or the Ascendant in the end degrees (25°-29°) of the cardinal signs, i.e. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, then you are more affected by this energy.

12 October – 24 November, Mars in Scorpio – intense willpower.
Mars feels very much at home in Scorpio, for in this solid, powerful sign Mars can channel his intense energy and passion with “surgical” precision to achieve his ultimate goal.

Both Scorpio and Mars represent assertive, purposeful energy that needs an outlet for expression.

When Mars in Scorpio sets a goal, it will pursue it relentlessly. Pushing through obstacles and, if necessary, going deep into the shadows until he challenges and changes everything in his path.

challenges and changes.

Watch your actions, don’t get carried away with impulsive actions and avoid people behaving toxically.

14 October 2023 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra – New Start
On October 14, 2023, we will have an annular New Moon Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra.
During this powerful solar eclipse we press the “RESET button”. Solar eclipses with South Nodes often bring an end followed by a new beginning.
The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra is a great opportunity to leave unhealthy relationship patterns and start from a clear state.
But it is also possible that you will suddenly be honoured and visible, that you will change your place of residence, that a new relationship will develop or that you will start a new job.

17 October to 10 November-Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto. Flowing realisation
Put into practice what you love, what you like, what gives you joy and pleasure.

Miracles happen, success sets in – connected with diligence and discipline, above all with a clear, inner, deep intention.

This time window offers space to strengthen relationships and to reorganise finances and resources in the long term. In addition, this flowing earth triangle is also best suited for all kinds of crafts – creations, renovations and for cures and cleansing, mentally and physically.

October 20-21, Sun & Mercury Tension to Pluto – Power Struggles
When the god of the underworld clashes with the life force Sun and the intellect Mercury, confrontations can occur; negotiations can be tough.  Thinking, goals and actions show themselves fanatically and goals want to assert themselves. Stay in love, seek compromise and watch your emotions.

October 22-23, 2023 – Mercury & Sun into Scorpio- Deeply Exploring.
On October 22, 2023, Mercury enters Scorpio and is joined by the Sun the next day. Congratulations to all the Scorpios out there!

The Sun in Scorpio brings passion and a desire to transform, and Mercury in Scorpio brings a keen intellect and a focus on uncovering hidden truths.

Both the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio are looking for meaningful connections. This is not a time for chit-chat or superficial encounters. This is a great transit to have honest conversations (with ourselves and others), do therapy and get to the bottom of our thought patterns.


October 28, 2023 – Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus – The world is ours!
On 28 October 2023 we have a Full Moon and North Node Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus. The eclipse is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and opposition Mercury and Mars in Scorpio.

This eclipse offers the opportunity to change our karmic patterns and align ourselves with our soul purpose.

With the Moon conjunct Jupiter, we feel confident and optimistic – the world is ours! However, we need to consider what others think of our big ideas and involve those around us – otherwise resistance may arise.

The good news is that the universe is on our side. At the time of the Full Moon, Venus forms a beautiful Grand Harmonic Triangle to Earth with Uranus and Pluto.
We have what it takes to succeed, to turn our aspirations into tangible reality.

Oct 29, 2023 – Mercury- Mars in Scorpio, Assertiveness.
Mercury in conjunction to Mars is determined and leaves no stone unturned. Goals are pursued tenaciously.
When the sharp intellect of Mercury in Scorpio combines with the drive and assertiveness of Mars, we get a kind of Sherlock Holmes energy.
This transit gives strength, the drive and intellectual stamina to tackle complex challenges and act boldly. The exact area of life that this transit affects is indicated by the house ruled by Scorpio in your natal chart.

Wishing you all a mystical and magical autumn season, 30 September 2023, Bettina Bettini