Make long term decisions

Astrological preview for June 2023

Especially professionally, June offers excellent opportunities to make important decisions. With a few exceptions: Around the June 17 New Moon, there is a major stumbling block from dreamer Neptune to consider. He likes to make reality appear as you would like it to be, not as it manifests. So don’t be seduced by wishful thinking or new information.


Another important major cycle that accompanies us throughout the year is the connection between powerful Pluto to the karmic Moon Node. This energy is especially powerful between June 10 and 14.

Powerful Pluto in conjunction with destiny is also of great importance for collective development.

This is where the past and the future meet. The world is at a crossroads as a new consciousness develops.

It is time for old wounds of past generations to heal and for healthier, more constructive patterns of behavior to develop.


Personally, you can make good use of this energy to identify and release your old baggage that is preventing you from moving forward. What am I carrying around that is preventing me from moving forward? What do I really need, what can I discard and leave behind?

On the other hand, you can deal with the future: What am I growing into? Who do I want to be? How do I want to earn a living? How to respect my body and nature even better?


Meaning Jupiter is still in the sign of Taurus for a good year. Its message is clear: The earth, all life, your body and its food are sacred. As a basis for the necessary changes on earth, this consciousness should anchor itself more strongly in you again.


June chronologically: 


June 1-30. Use professional and material opportunities.

Realistic Saturn and wise Jupiter combine harmoniously throughout the month. Constructive energies accompany you especially in the material and professional field. What do you want to realize, expand, develop? What do you want to concretize?

You can make important decisions, which promise long-term success and with which you can also improve your finances.

But be careful around the 17th of June. Information as a basis for decisions could prove to be wrong later.


June 1-4, Jupiter/Moon Node. Lucky coincidences.

When lucky planet Jupiter passes the fated lunar node, the future becomes associated with an extremely meaningful and fortunate force. Encounters prove enriching, nurturing, profitable and benevolent.


June 1-5. Venus/Neptune. Romantic Love. 

These days belong to romance, art, music or simply pleasure. Feel as paradisiacal as possible and enjoy the welcome change.


June 2-5. Mercury/Uranus. Visionary thoughts. 

The mind works quickly, spontaneously and originally. Life shows up differently than planned, demanding rethinking and flexibility. You develop a new approach to reality.

Good days for brainstorming and new solutions to old problems.

Break the “modus operandi” for once and dare the new! Teamwork and unconventional solutions are in demand and will bring you further.


However, technical breakdowns can be frequent. There is also a danger of speaking too quickly and impulsively. Weigh your words carefully so that you don’t unintentionally offend anyone.


June 4, perceptible from June 2 to 5. Full moon in Sagittarius. Moving days full of passions. 

The days are impetuous, hectic and intense. A strong urge to get ahead is associated with much passion.

You are well advised to be mindful in exchanges and on the road and not fall into actionism.

Venus and Pluto may also tempt you to have a wild affair or revive the existing relationship. Anyone looking for a partner should take advantage of the outgoing, daredevil and communicative cosmic energy of these days. With so much passion, however, the love dramas could also accumulate.


June 11, Pluto returns to Capricorn. Old World. 

From March 23 to June 11, Pluto made a detour into Aquarius, then stayed in Aquarius for the next 20 years starting in November 2024.

What we have witnessed during these 2.5 months are the issues that will come to the fore with Pluto in Aquarius in the future.

These include revolts from the populace, democracy versus dictatorial currents such as fascism, natural disasters, artificial intelligence, technological and other breakthrough achievements, financial and banking crises, the resource issues, etc.


Now Pluto has changed back in Capricorn for now. This intensifies the power issues. The fronts are hardening. The old rulers are sitting tight on their power, trying to cement it by any means necessary. This may be a difficult political interim phase until November 2024, with strong repressive and totalitarian tendencies and radicalization at the political poles.

From 2025, when Pluto changes into Aquarius for 20 years, I see the beginning of new light at the end of the tunnel of this horror.  The comparison with the French Revolution 248 years ago suggests itself; also then Pluto went through Aquarius.

Democratic values, freedom, humanity and equality were the motto then. It is still worthwhile to stand up for democratic values with perseverance and staying power.


June 17, new moon in Gemini. Sun, Mercury/Neptune. Perceptible from June 18 to 20. Veiled. 

Much seems unclear: things could not be more unclear; what applies, what does not – much appears blurred. Therefore do not believe anything and do not insist on knowing what is right and wrong.

These should not be good days for making important decisions, agreements or commitments.

For that we are close to imagination and inspiration. Perhaps we are also a bit tired from the many hectic days before. Let your mind rest and your soul unwind, give these days “do nothing time.”


June 17-Nov. 4. Saturn retrograde in Pisces. Clean up old issues. 

When Saturn turns retrograde, it’s quite possible that old stories and associated fears will once again push to the surface. Psychic cleansing is important now so that we can reduce fears.


Just as the planet is now going through an intensive cleansing process, we humans are doing the same. The cosmos keeps giving us time with retrograde planets to clear old issues, fears, conditioning and patterns. It’s worth taking advantage of this tailwind during this time window, for example, for therapy for you.


June 21. Solstice. Longest day of the year. Celebrating life. 

At 16.58 the sun has reached its highest position. We celebrate the longest day of the year, and the other planets are in high festive spirits as well.

The Sun now shifts into family-friendly Cancer. Venus and Mars, the two feminine and masculine principles, are very close in Leo, and the Moon joins them as well. Highly creative energies coupled with lots of motivation and zest for life, give rise to lots of good vibes. Celebrate life, light and love.


June 26. Mars /Uranus. Highly explosive. 

Keep calm is the motto.

We can quickly lose our nerve and tend to act rashly and impulsively. Unfortunately, the risk of accidents is also quite high. Do not take any unnecessary risks these days.


June 29-30. Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn. Making decisions. 

A wonderful and constructive aspect to put in your agenda. Energy is flowing in the right directions now. It’s time to make your heart projects concrete. Feasibility connects with meaning and with your inner desires. What you carry into the world now finds ideal conditions to mature healthily, to grow and to yield much harvest.


May 28, 2023, Bettina Bettini