Matís d’Arc

Matís d’Arc discovered his passion for the Japanese rope bondage Shibari 2011 at Schwelle 7 in Berlin. He took lessons and inspiration from Akira Naka, Dasnyia Sommer, Felix Ruckert, Hajime Kinoko, Nicolas Yoroï, Pilar Aldea, Ren Yagami and Tifereth Kinbaku, among others.

With the label luhmen d’arc, he dedicates himself with his team and guests in workshops, performances, jams and sessions as well as lectures, talks and texts to experimental and creative forms of encounter, interaction and intimacy at the interfaces of bodywork, performance, play and art.

At Serrat(u)s Bodywork Matís conducts the Bondage Jam and offers Shibari workshops in Zurich and various other courses as well as private lessons, personal counseling, intimate bodywork and creative play sessions.


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