New horizons – new confidence

Astrological preview for Dezember 2023

Advantageous agreements 

Between December 8 and 18, we are supported by a constructive and concrete world of thoughts with an increased willingness to talk. 

Use this window of opportunity for difficult conversations and new agreements to steer things in a purposeful and peaceful direction. Common denominators can be found more easily.

From December 13 to 20, old contacts or past actions may prove to be a blessing. 

Important plans, deals or even Christmas shopping should be completed by December 12.

Nebulous influences
On the one hand, the communicator Mercury changes direction from December 13 to January 2, on the other hand, the dreamer Neptune is in tension with the Sun and Mars from the second half of the month, which causes ambiguity and confusion.

However, Mercury also repeatedly makes favorable connections with important planets during its retrograde. We can therefore expect favorable messages and contacts from the past. The stars are favorable for clearing up past stories. Plans and projects that we have long wanted to share with our loved ones could now be realized.

The time window from mid-December to the beginning of January also leads to a higher error rate. Misunderstandings, misinformation and misinterpretations can accumulate. 

For travelers, it is worth adopting a relaxed attitude, as waiting times or obstacles are to be expected. 

On the other hand, you can tidy up a lot of things during these days, finally deal with things that have been left lying around and reorganize yourself.

Sensitive energies – from longings to addictions
From mid-December, the constellations can of course not only cause confusion, but also show their true strengths in spiritual, healing, artistic, poetic and musical areas.

The longing for vastness, for the fulfillment of connectedness with something greater is great in December.

Neptune’s realms are infinite and strengthen our spiritual aspects. If these are not nurtured, the need for connection with something greater can turn into addictive behavior.

Addictions are considered a lower spiritual dimension that can lead to a dulling of consciousness. The influence of Neptune is particularly strong in Pisces and will increase in the coming years. I will write more about this in the annual forecast for 2024.



December in chronological order: 

December through December 12, Mercury in Capricorn. Sober contemplation.        Thinking is sober and practical. This window of opportunity can be used to complete important work and make major purchases, book trips, conclude contracts, etc.

From December 12 onwards, the energies are suitable for tidying up, resuming conversations and settling old matters.


December 2 to 6, Venus/Pluto/Saturn. Love and values in the foreground. Experience with the goddess of love and money will be in the foreground in the following days.

Business and private partnerships are reformed, re-evaluated, ended or new partnerships are entered into. These are good days to courageously open the doors to new realities.


December 4 to 28, Venus in Scorpio. New dimensions of connection.
The goddess of love seeks intensity with a tendency to overdo it.

This is also accompanied by feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. So that no unnecessary dishes are broken: Stay in trust and overcome your fears of loss.

On the other hand, new dimensions of passion can be experienced, with a feeling of infinite connection and depth.

December 6, Neptune direct until March 26, 2024 New dimensions of compassion. Neptune through Pisces deepens and anchors compassion, spiritual experiences, the holistic art of healing (hpynosetherapy :)).

We have experiences that show us that everything is connected to everything else. With Saturn in Pisces we can create order in the soul, because Saturn is the master of reality, realization and discipline. Addictions, old patterns, family histories, traumas and fears can be healed. If you want to heal and free yourself with the help of hypnotherapy, contact me via email – I love to accompany you in your process of healing.

December 8-18, Sun/Chiron, Mercury/Jupiter. Good thoughts.
It’s worth using these days for difficult projects or conversations. The energies are healing, optimistic and groundbreaking.

You can use this excellent connection for your long-term planning.

I would wait until December 13 to January 2 to concretize them, until Mercury goes direct again on January 3.

December 11 & 12, Mercury stands still. Pause.
When the communicator stands still, it’s best to do the same and listen within.

December 13 to January 2, Mercury retrograde. Slowing down.
Time to shift down one or more gears. What is purchased, agreed, contractually sealed and communicated now will probably need to be reconsidered later. The error rate is increased and it is advisable not to purchase any new IT equipment or vehicles.

In this time frame, you will gain clarity through clean-up work.

December 13, noticeable until December 17. New moon in Sagittarius. New sense of purpose.  

A 29-day lunar cycle ends and a new one begins. Old beliefs say goodbye in Sagittarius. And because we are living in times of enormous upheaval within a larger context, new ways of making sense are necessary.

This new moon in Sagittarius is in close conjunction with subtle Neptune in Pisces. It is quite possible that the search for meaning will lead to an emotional and spiritual dimension.

With Venus in passionate, profound Scorpio with Jupiter in aspect, these days are characterized by a deep longing for love and enormous passions.

However, the strong Neptunian energies also fuel illusions and set unrealistic plans and goals. It is not a good time to achieve great things.

It should also not be forgotten that Mercury begins its retrograde at the new moon of all times. The insights of these days are intended to promote the cleansing of the old in order to make room for the new. 

You can say goodbye to old beliefs and go on a vision quest. If you want, you can do a fire ritual to match the fire sign Sagittarius.

These are unsuitable days for getting things done or for precise work. The mood is rather dreamy, longing for connection, for spiritual and mental nourishment. 

December 18, Mercury/Jupiter. Concrete thinking.
You can use this excellent connection for long-term planning.

However, as mentioned above, I would wait until Mercury is direct again from January 3 before implementing and concretizing them.

December 21, Venus/Uranus. Love is free!
The days around the solstice teach us to give infinite space and freedom to light, love and confidence.
If this succeeds, we learn a lot about the coming Aquarian energy.
On the other hand, this energy can bring a lot of unrest into our relationship life.
We can also expect increased fluctuations on the stock market.

December 22, solstice. The dark celebrates the light.
The Sun moves from the light-filled sign of Sagittarius into the serious and dutiful sign of Capricorn.

In Capricorn we concentrate on the core of a matter, it’s about the essentials.

The communicator Mercury moves into Capricorn with the Sun, only to move back into Sagittarius just one day later. Apparently the cosmos thinks that we need hope and confidence particularly strongly this year, in these darkest days.

December 24, Sun/Saturn. Traditional values.
On the 24th, the Moon moves from pleasure-loving Taurus into sociable Gemini during the course of the day. The willingness to talk can quickly lead to serious life issues. Saturn seeks stability and a sense of security.

December 25, Venus/Neptune. Cohesion.
The goddess of love in harmonious conjunction with devoted Neptune strengthens solidarity, creativity and, of course, altruistic love. It’s worth using your imagination to get into an emotionally easy flow of life.

December 27, Sun/Jupiter, Mars/Neptune, Full Moon in Cancer. The clan.
This emotional, family-oriented Full Moon in Cancer focuses on two important cornerstones of
life: Everyday life and family life – function and security.

Security forms the basis for going out into the world and successfully following the hero’s path. Long-term planning should lead to better compatibility and a better balance between these two worlds.

December 31, New Year’s Eve.
Venus, Mars and Mercury are in Sagittarius, which makes us sociable, cheerful, confident and adventurous. With so much Sagittarius energy, meaningful resolutions and a desire for new things accompany us into the New Year.

The Moon in Virgo provides order and structure so that our plans remain sensible, don’t get out of hand and, in the best case scenario, come across as healthy and neat.

The lucky planet Jupiter means particularly well at the turn of the year. It changes its course on New Year’s Eve of all days and takes on a direct direction again.

This brings more abundance, growth and confidence back into our lives.

This year, you will bring the cosmic forces into the field particularly strongly with a ritual such as a sweat lodge.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a healthy and peaceful transition into the new year and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty. 

The annual preview for 2024 will follow in mid-December, all the best until then. 


November 26, 2023, Bettina Bettini