Opposites and confrontations

Astrological preview for April 2023

April: Inner realignment with drive until April 20 


Until the solar eclipse on April 20, the cosmos continues to drive us. It motivates us to be creative and full of drive to implement goals. Be active, autonomous and creative, become concrete, implement!

But in April the cosmos also motivates us to clean up and heal within. Let go of everything that prevents you from moving forward! The better you succeed, the easier and more flowing you will experience the implementation of your plans.

The prominent solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde will rapidly slow down the forces pushing forward from April 20. Until May 15 a deeper reorientation follows with a revision phase that gives you time to internalize, rethink and adjust what you have experienced.


The solar eclipse of April 20 (visibility Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Southeast Asia) 

Encounter the shadows of the past: Renew yourself, leave behind inhibiting experiences and imprints! 

The new moon on April 20 is also a solar eclipse. The effect of an eclipse is always intense, personally and also globally, felt for at least six months. With it in the global events strong power conflicts are to be expected, which change the existing power relations fundamentally.

In the personal experience we direct the forces now inward.  The time quality of this new moon has an intense, strongly emotional and therefore also painful side. At the same time its power is enormously healing.

It is advisable not to avoid feelings that arise violently, but to deal with the issues that you now encounter. Ultimately, this time will invigorate you, heal you, and change you for the better.

The energies are propelling you into a new inner alignment with more freedom and autonomy. It’s time to experience your inner, true, full, healthy self and free yourself from old, inhibiting conditioning.


Personally, this New Moon has a particularly strong effect on those born at the end of the sign Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.



April chronologically:


April 3, Mercury/Pluto. Getting to the bottom of problems 

Extreme positions, opposing opinions, delusional ideas, and dangerous behaviors can lead to conflict. Where suppressed truths are revealed, it is advisable to clean up thoroughly. It’s quite possible that agreements and contracts will be canceled now. Take time to resolve issues and be mindful in intercourse.


April 5, 6, 7 and 8, Full Moon in Libra. Be compassionate and seek balance

The favorable communication stars around this Full Moon support conversations, negotiations, and contracting.

However, your relationships are especially in focus. The Moon in Libra seeks harmony and this exists in togetherness when give and take match. Seek balance and come towards each other helpfully.

With compassion and understanding you can tackle painful things.

But it is especially important that you maintain your own inner peace; then everything flows together harmoniously.

This full moon is a blessing to find togetherness and peace.


April 12. Sun/Jupiter. Expansion

Whatever you tackle today, however you feel and think, has a tendency to expand. So be especially mindful of expanding the good.

Jupiter is the lucky planet and together with the Sun, this day may also be called – somewhat trivially – a lucky day. Note this day in your agenda and schedule important things for today. It has the tendency to offer abundance, happiness and new opportunities.


April 14, Venus-Saturn. Scarce resources. 

On trial are love, partnerships, and erotic love. But value issues, finances and security also have a hard time with Saturn today.

April 19 and 20, new moon and solar eclipse. Challenges slow down

The solar eclipse (visibility Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.)


The new moon on April 20 is also a solar eclipse. Its effect is lasting. 

An eclipse is important in terms of world politics, it is formative and often takes on

historical dimensions.

This is the second new moon in the sign Aries. The cosmos sends us another strong spark for a new beginning within a month. We are to change, leave the old behind us, free ourselves and build up inner strength. It is therefore worthwhile not to lose oneself in the outer world, but to direct the energies around these days inward.

This new moon is on the threshold of the sign of Taurus. Aries is the initial ignition, the active and with Taurus it is slowed down for the time being, because it goes into the implementation phase and thus also into the first confrontation with reality. How well does my alignment match reality? It is quite possible that you will feel slowed down in the next few weeks and will have to make a lot of adjustments first.

This eclipse therefore also has a dark side, because it shows shadow themes that want to be changed, so that you become free and open for reality.


April 21-May 15 Mercury retrograde in Taurus. Time is running at a slower pace. 

Commerce, travel and communication show up tough and misunderstandings are commonplace. Many things are delayed. Planning and developing ideas is advisable with Mercury in Taurus, but it is worth waiting to implement them.

Let new projects and purchases rest for a while or, if possible, postpone important things until after May 15.


April 28 Mercury quart Mars. Stress

Conflicts show up in traffic, exchanges, acting, writing and speaking. These are hectic days with an enormous amount of exchange. Allow yourself to have no opinion at times, and you will glide through these days with less stress.


Bettina Bettini, April 30, 2023