The birth of the new

Astrological preview for March 2023

In the first half of the month, we experience the change of Saturn into Pisces after 29.5 years, associated with a full moon in Virgo.

Saturn is the teacher, demands discipline, stands for clear order and restricts. The sign of Pisces, on the other hand, stands for the “non-material”, for the vastness and depth of the oceans, for the soul and interconnectedness of all things, but also for psychological dependencies and illusions.

Saturn and Pisces, the two could not be more opposite.

The task of Saturn in Pisces is challenging, for it is to bring order and structure to the intangible over the next three years. The meanings are many, which is why I will keep reporting on them in my previews.

For now, here are three important unfoldings of Saturn in Pisces:

  • In the good, compassion is put into practice concretely, suffering is recognized and helped. Laws and structures are enacted to set limits to chaos and suffering.
  • A shadow side of this constellation shows the increased tendency to adopt a victim attitude and to polarize. The enemy is seen and fought in the outside and thus illusions are kept up ironically.
  • The theme of water comes even more to the fore. The melting of the poles, the handling of water, the pollution and the lack of water will intensify.




From the second half of the month, the energy changes even more strikingly. This is because Pluto, the planet of subconsciousness and power, shifts from strict Capricorn to freedom-loving Aquarius for the next 21 years, framed by the Spring Equinox and New Moon. 

Pluto in Aquarius opens the mind, strengthens the sense of community, the power of the people, and promotes technology. Consciousness increasingly opens to the “big picture.” We grow, learn, and realize the importance and urgency of expanded consciousness.


Personal Experience

Where you have Pisces and Aquarius in your horoscope, you can expect major changes and upheavals in the coming years. Especially if you have important planets or sensitive points like the Ascendant there.


Time for leisure

Until the beginning of spring on March 20, the energy is sensitive and permeable. We tend to want to do too much, including maintaining too many social contacts, , which can lead to overload. It is important to plan enough islands of rest.


Regular practice

Saturn in Pisces creates spaces where inside and outside increasingly merge. Saturn corresponds to Kronos in Greek mythology, who rules over chronological time. As naturally as we brush our teeth and take care of physical hygiene every day, Saturn in Pisces now wants us to cleanse our mind and soul daily.

Furthermore, it is helpful to feel inside yourself to realize how strongly you are driven by subconscious forces.

There are several proven methods to explore the inner self. Most of us have already tried some e.g.: Meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, astrology, hypnosis, constellations; however, especially important is the daily practice of inner contemplation and reflection, listening inside and exploring myself.

March chronologically:


March 2, Venus and Jupiter conjunction. Courage to love 

Throughout February, we could easily observe the two bright stars in the west at sunset as they came closer together. Even now they shine beautifully, warm and bright in the evening sky. They point to the importance of love, joy and connection.

For the wedding, they meet at 12 degrees Aries. Where they meet in your horoscope, you can expect something new, pleasing, success, recognition, or even beautiful encounters or loves.


March 7, Full Moon Virgo. General cleansing 

This Virgo moon indicates that first of all everything should be removed that burdens;

not only physically, but also spiritually and mentally, spatially and materially.

The Virgo Moon stimulates cleansing and purification every year. But this year this theme is far more important. For we are not only shifting into spring, but entering a new age!

It is about a deep all-encompassing purification, so that you do not have to carry any burdens, no toxic relationships from the past into the present. You should greet the new age as unencumbered as possible.

See what you want to let go of and what you no longer want in your life. At home, at work, in your relationships, on social media, your computer, etc., clear, tidy up, throw away, dispose of, let go, end what is weighing you down!

Physically, the days around this Full Moon are suitable for a sauna session; but also for cleansing cures, for abstaining from alcohol and coffee, so that you are deacidified again.


March 8-February 2026, Saturn in Pisces. Gain confidence in the flow of life. 

Saturn’s orbit around the Sun lasts 29.5 years. As individuals, we experience a Saturn in Pisces no more than two to three times in a lifetime.

The Pisces sign is the most permeable, sensitive, spiritual and subtle of all the zodiac signs. It has nothing in common with duality, concrete matter. In complete contrast, Saturn, as the planet of reality and condensation, stands for clear order and structure.

With Saturn in Pisces, order comes to the subtle in the next few years. What is behind the solid texture, behind the matter and under the foundations, will be perceived more strongly and will want to show itself in everyday life.

As humanity, we gather experiences that bring the realization that everything is connected to everything else.

Through compassion we learn to take a new perspective towards strangers. We become more conciliatory and constructive. 

Compassion can be learned, just like reading and writing, and should basically be part of the school curriculum.

Saturn will re-regulate and restructure many Piscean issues over the next three years.

Other classic correspondences to the sign Pisces and its planet Neptune are:

Spirituality, music, art, poetry, natural holistic healing methods, water, shamanism, homeopathy, psychedelic substances, telepathy, high sensitivity, as well as forms of dependency, addiction, victimhood, disorientation and lability.


March 20, Sun in Aries. Vernal Equinox

March 20 brings the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

Day and night are of equal length. From then on, the days become longer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun in Aries urges us to realize our passions and desires. We shouldn’t let it stop us, but we shouldn’t walk all over anyone either. Whenever possible, we take those around us on board.


March 21, New Moon in Aries. Launch

This is an extremely energetically charged New Moon. It stands between the equinox and the strikingly important change of Pluto into Aquarius.

This symbolic new beginning goes hand in hand with the new era!

If you haven’t let go of everything yet, now you have another opportunity to do so. Have the courage to change!

  • Mars the activist releases physical energies and provides a lot of motivation, purpose and focus.
  • Venus the goddess of love has a seductive rendezvous with Pluto the ruler, which can intensify feelings. Life wants to be lived passionately.
  • Jupiter and Chiron together in Aries heal, reconcile, dissolve toxic yang energy, and give new, stimulating content and vision.
  • The minor planet and important thinker Mercury, in conjunction with Sun, Moon and alsoNeptune directs thoughts into bright paths, connects, thinks ahead.

The days around this new moon, are an excellent time for new beginnings. Be it professionally or privately, start in these days what is close to your heart!  


March 23 to June 11, 2022, Pluto moves into Aquarius. New Era 

During these three months, we get an idea of how Pluto in Aquarius may play out in late 2024 for the 21 years that follow.

Humanity is going through a process of change that will not throw everything into chaos. Nevertheless, it will bring us completely new ideas, new themes and focuses. We are becoming more aware of inequality and injustice.

Your true feelings and thoughts manifest more directly through Pluto in Aquarius. Thoughts shape, even create your reality, and there are only eight billion human realities on earth.

Cleanse your sensors, step into this new age clear-minded and tidy. Telepathy, compassion and expanded consciousness become important companions.

Because Aquarius represents the future, we should stop imagining the future from the present, that is, projecting the present into the future. Rather, it is a matter of thinking the present out of the future and letting the future illuminate us.


March 24, 2023, Bettina Bettini