You are what and how you love

Astrological preview for August 2023

With the strong planetary occupation in the earth signs, a more leisurely pace emerges.

August gives you time to look at past events from a new perspective and to understand them. Things want to be thoroughly re-evaluated and cleared up. It is quite possible that agreements, rules and contracts will now be renegotiated or even come to an end. The old life is now turned upside down for some.

The two relationship planets Mars and Venus also play a special role in August. Mars, the planet of activity, makes advantageous connections. This allows work to be done quickly and smoothly. The month is well suited for practical work, for handicrafts, gardening, renovations or arts and crafts.

Venus, the goddess of love, has been retrograde since 23 July. Relationship issues, behaviours, consumerism and agreements can be re-evaluated. Old burdens of a financial and partnership nature can now be well dealt with. In addition, with Venus retrograde we do not constantly strive for more, but rather have the desire to appreciate and consolidate what is there. 

But because Venus is also conjunct the innovative Uranus, the time from 7 August promises variety and excitement. We like to do things differently and unconventionally. 

Relationships grow now through new freedoms and free spaces are important. In order for partnerships to feel good, it is important to strengthen your own basis, your self-love, because freedom requires trust. The stars help with this.

Then we have five retrograde planets, Pluto, Chiron, Neptune, Saturn and Venus. This means that many things are rolled up again and learned anew. From 24 August, Mercury adds another retrograde. From this time on, especially in business, profession, travel and communication, sand gets into the gear.

Venus in August: Love, Motivation and Impulse Control
I consider the transit of Venus to be particularly important in August. It goes retrograde for a total of 40 days, from 23 July to 3 September.

Venus shows how relationships are lived, what and how money is spent, if and how much money comes in, what is liked, what is appreciated and recognised as likeable; and Venus also indicates how self-worth is. 

With Venus retrograde, we now re-evaluate these issues, but also appreciate and respect what is there. Because Venus is in Leo, we also want to be proud.

During her retrograde in Leo, Venus connects with freedom-loving Uranus. We often feel and act more impulsively. This can be seen when falling in love or spending money.

It is quite possible that love will suddenly strike, people from the past will reappear or old debts will be claimed. Sometimes this can also be experienced as troublesome, but it offers the opportunity to better understand old stories. 

New ways of dealing with the matter are also an urgent topic. These changes are being addressed particularly strongly now. The cosmos is sending all its strongest forces right now to drive adequate consumer behaviour. 

Pluto Moon Node: Destiny of humanity – The power over your feelings is yours alone. 

The Pluto connection to the lunar node axis also remains an important topic until the end of the year.

The big but also the small things you decide and do are especially formative for the future.

It is quite possible that you fall into old patterns more quickly, that you do not feel empowered. That’s why it helps if you consciously pay attention to your reactions in everyday life. Because how you experience everyday life and how it develops depends very much on your own reactions. These in turn shape future experiences. 

The future has not yet been written, but is constantly being created.
For example, you can react to the same experience in different ways:

On the one hand, I can react as a victim, namely when I allow an event to exert power over me. Emotions and actions determine me and not I them. I react directly.

But I can also become active as a co-creator. Then I perceive this information, this experience, but I determine what feelings I associate with it and how I react. I do not let external circumstances dominate my life. I allow myself the time it takes to perceive what is going on inside me. 



August chronologically: 

1 August.  Super full moon in Aquarius. Recognise connections. (Palpable until the middle of the month).

This is the second of four supermoons in a row. A supermoon appears larger in the sky and is particularly close to the earth. As the moon now shines larger, things are also perceived more clearly. The basic mood is optimistic, active, friendly and relaxed despite the full moon.

With this full moon, many things can be worked on and completed quickly. The days are suitable for serious reflection, detailed work and analysis. The mind works in a concentrated way towards a goal.

As Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are in earthy signs, nature and the simplicity of life are celebrated more. Find your way back to yourself, allow yourself to rest, leave out digital distractions, find your own flow. These days are excellent for recharging the batteries, for diets and cures.

In love, freedom now brings joy. Find a balance between closeness and distance, between freedom and connection, between togetherness and the self. For certain people, this can cause major upheavals in their relationship life.

World politics are struggling for more freedom and justice and the financial world is under greater turmoil. This unrest will intensify until November.

7 – 19 August. Venus retrograde, Lilith, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter. Self-development, autonomy.
These are days of freedom, of the wild, impetuous side of life, and love is therefore in for a wild ride.The planets care little for social conventions right now – it’s more about truth and liberation.For love has nothing in common with shackles and securities, and it is quite possible that pent-up feelings now want to vent themselves. But beware of restraint and boundlessness.

In world politics, authorities and rulers have a difficult time, for Lilith and Uranus seek alliances at eye level and do not tolerate oppression in any way. Freedom, equality and humanity are the required mottoes.

10 August. Mercury/Jupiter. Good business. (Perceptible August 9-11).
Ideally suited for consultations, negotiations and the conclusion of contracts.

August 13, Venus/Sun. Reset of the heart.
August 13, 2023 marks the beginning of a new Venus cycle. The 584-day Venus orbit around the Sun has two distinct phases: Venus as Morning Star and Venus as Evening Star.

Venus’ metamorphosis from evening star to morning star takes place in the middle of its retrograde phase – on 13 August 2023, when Venus is exactly at the Sun and closest to Earth. At this time we will experience a “reset” of all Venus themes with a rebirth of the heart.

15 – 18 August. Sun/Mars/Venus/Uranus. Activity and nervousness.
The desire to become active can make you overconfident and cause problems. New things should now be implemented actively, but especially mindfully. Don’t be hasty, yet renewing and creative.

16 August, New Moon in Leo. Sun/Venus/Moon/Lilith/Uranus. Liberated new beginning. (Noticeable until the end of August).
This New Moon in conjunction with the goddess of love Venus, the wild Lilith in Leo and with Uranus, brings innovation, liveliness and freedom. Because Uranus is involved, energies are restless, chafed and the unexpected is the order of the day.
The days are rallying to change the things that are overdue, feel constricting and gruelling. Breaking free can mark a new beginning.
They are also excellent days to start a creative heart project. These are highly creative, joyful and lively energies that warm our hearts and make them beat faster. People like to show their loving, free, carefree and wild side. Perfect days to celebrate!  The difficult side of this is the possible resistance to conventions, even where it makes no sense or where duties are no longer observed. Be careful to remain reliable.

The difficult side of this is the possible resistance to conventions, even where it makes no sense or where duties are no longer respected. Be careful to remain reliable.

The power of this New Moon lies in the potential to unite the masculine and feminine, that is, opposites. In our hearts we have all already united this, but depending on habit, belief and conditioning, this elemental force now wants to show itself more liberated.

21st to 24th Mars/Neptune. Unclear action.
The days can make you a little tired and foggy. This energy is best used for social, humanistic or creative work. Purposeful action is difficult.

August 23 to September 15 Mercury retrograde. Delays.
Many things are slowed down and do not run smoothly. Time to work through things and tidy up. Mindful communication and taking more time to plan everything will help to minimise sources of error.

August 27, Sun/Saturn. Seriousness.
The mind works critically. Seriousness characterises this day. We question many things and look for solutions.

31 August, super full moon in Pisces. Romantic longings.
Dreams, fantasies and desires are strongly stimulated. Perhaps a little more rest and sleep is needed, as the Pisces end makes you a little tired. Pay attention to your dreams.
The strong spiritual powers of this Full Moon support the salvation of the soul and the inner powers.For practical or business matters, this Full Moon is confusing, so these days are not suitable for precise work, deals and agreements.

25 July 2023, Bettina Bettini