Adapt and let go of old structures

Astrological preview for September 2023

With the many retrograde planets in September, unfavourable routines in everyday life that need realignment become increasingly noticeable. An invitation to go over the books, to analyse, adjust and restructure. 

Because Virgo is especially concerned with the organisation of the day, finances, as well as health and nutrition, sleep, exercise, social life, etc. are in the foreground. 

Since 2020, the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the rules of living together are also renewed significantly. Strict hierarchical power structures are functioning less and less well; systems are needed that take into account and strengthen personal responsibility, equality and constructive group dynamics.

In addition, in these times of radical change, we are moving from the Earth Age to the Air Age. The language of the stars is an intuitive science that guides and directs us as we navigate these cosmic seas of consciousness and global regulation.The cosmos is sending an especially strong tailwind now to break old, unwanted patterns.

In September, take time to reflect, observe, research, clean up, repair, dispose of, and do good for your health. Bring clarity and order into your home, job, partnerships, but also contracts, finances and insurances. 

Clean up

Pay special attention to Mercury, which is retrograde from 23 August to 15 September. Now is a good time to tidy up, dispose of, reduce and also to take a closer look at communication.

In order to get through this time as stress-free as possible, it is important to approach everyday life carefully and thoughtfully. It could help you to pay special attention to the following points.

  1.  New things should be avoided now. Communication problems accumulate and lead to misunderstandings.  In the long run, the new will prove to be “not suitable” because the necessary information is still missing.
  2.  If contracts cannot be avoided, go through them particularly thoroughly. Pay attention to the small print, make sure misunderstandings are cleared up.
  3.  Make sure you use the correct address when communicating in writing. Mistakes and misunderstandings are common. Therefore, be especially careful when communicating, keep statements short and clear.
  4.  If you are travelling, check the vehicle, check the flight tickets, connections, etc. again.  Take more time for travelling, leave valuables at home.  It is also a good time to check all vehicles.
  5.  Avoid starting a new job. Chances are you won’t be there long.
  6.  Avoid buying a flat or land. It may not be what you want in the long run.
  7. Do not buy IT equipment or install new programmes during this window. Back up your files on hard drives.
  8. Keep things tidy: keys, mobile phone, valuables, ID cards, etc. are now more easily misplaced.

September is the month of the harvest. Whoever sets to work now will have enough resources in winter – inside and outside.

Therefore, I wish you energy and heart motivation to face the inner processes and practical things as soberly and clearly as possible. 

I will get back to you in time at the end of September with a detailed preview for the exciting eclipse month of October. 

Until then, warmest greetings to you

25th September 2023, Bettina Bettini