Adapting to a new reality

Astrological preview for June 2024

Expand networks and make contacts!

The desire to make contacts, especially new contacts, is the focus at the beginning of June and particularly around this new moon. At the same time, strict realist Saturn encourages us to question existing relationship patterns and values to ensure that they are in line with the demands of the new age of freedom. The new relationship patterns of the air epoch differ markedly from those we know from the security-oriented earth age: Security thinking, vested interests and patriarchal hierarchical power structures are to be transformed into mutual support, common interests, equality and equality of status.

That’s why in June and throughout the summer it can sometimes feel like your progress is slow. It doesn’t matter, allow it and readjust your values.


June chronologically: 

The month starts with a lot of confidence. The need for change and peace is great and the planets promote successful progress. If possible, use the first week of June for important matters.

June 3, noticeable from May 30 to June 7, Jupiter/Pluto. Successful major change. 

Jupiter has been in Gemini since May 26 and enters into a harmonious conjunction with powerful Pluto in Aquarius on June 3. Jupiter in Gemini stands for the expansion of communication and thinking. It shines almost like a second sun and expands everything that comes into contact with it. Pluto stands for power and transformation and when Jupiter and Pluto in two air signs radiate each other in harmony, it’s time to successfully push ahead with big and important life projects. Lay the foundations for your plans now.

Confidence and willpower remain strong. Ingenious ideas are emerging, networks are expanding and transformation and developments are driving science and AI in particular forward at a rapid pace. It is an aspect of wealth, power and abundance. Make the most of these days, take the initiative! It’s time to change important issues in your life for the better.  

June 4, noticeable from June 2 to 5. Mercury/Jupiter and Pluto and Venus/Sun. Realize your heart’s desires. Mercury moved into its sign of Gemini on June 3 and conjuncts Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Pluto, the planet of power.

On June 4, Venus conjuncts the Sun, strengthening love, beauty, artistry and connection.

Thinking and feeling can be lovingly deepened and expanded. This allows you to tackle difficult issues, because accommodation is encouraged and ideas have a purposeful effect. Give love plenty of space, follow your heart and practise trust. Contracts can also be agreed, you can plan and have important conversations. This powerful combination opens up wonderful new possibilities that can be realized. 

June 6, new moon in Gemini. Promising contacts. From June 5 to 7, the Moon is in Gemini with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. The strong Gemini energy makes us curious and sociable – allowing us to enjoy the finer things in life. Art and especially music cheer you up. Come out of your shell – approach people, connect, exchange ideas. This idealistic and extremely altruistic new moon marks a new beginning, which should be based on free love and deep connection. 

Saturn, the reality checker, simultaneously tests how well these ideals and ideas can be implemented in reality and to what extent we are prepared to take responsibility for them. It’s quite possible that old ideas or a need for security will hinder our development and that inner adjustments will allow us to become freer. What follows are a few days that may prove to be full of tension and conflict. 

June 8, noticeable from June 7 to 10, Sun/Venus/Saturn. Love and life with boundaries. When Saturn conjuncts Venus, nothing and no one is enough for you – especially not yourself. You can be strict – with yourself as well as with others. Your expectations of life need to be adjusted, because life is exhausting and cold. This can lead to frustration or disappointment in love.  This aspect helps you to rebuild your relationship in such a way that it can hold up better in reality. Also practise self-love.

June 11, noticeable from June 10-12, Mars/Pluto, Mercury/Saturn. Powerful and critical days. Mars, the activist, is in tension with Pluto, the god of death. These days can lead to power struggles, aggressive and destructive behavior and ego conflicts. Because Mercury, the thinker, is also at odds with strict Saturn, we also fall into destructive thoughts more quickly. This tension can manifest itself internally in such a way that we are confronted with our shadow issues. It can be helpful if we give space to the contrasts between security and freedom. What do I want to let go of or transform? Which patterns are holding me back or blocking me? The Moon in Leo from June 10 to 12 also increases energy levels. This can also lead to inflammation or accidents. It would be wise to channel these strong energies purposefully and consciously and align actions with peace and the good of the whole.

June 14-20. Neptune in tension with the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Time for the muse. Neptune is the planet of dreams, spirituality and longings. These days it has a strong effect, which makes us somewhat listless and perhaps also tired. Allow yourself time for your inner life, get plenty of sleep and pay attention to your dreams. Now we are more open and sensitive and our defenses are lower. It may be good for you to spend time by the water, and engaging with art and music can do you particular good now. Because your body may now be more sensitive to alcohol or other toxins, it will benefit particularly from a deacidification cure during these days.

June 20, Sun moves into Cancer. Solstice, 22:50 Central European Time. The sun is at its zenith, June 21 marks the longest day of the year.

On June 17, Venus, the goddess of love, moved into emotional Cancer and Mercury, the communicator, is already there. Neptune the dreamer, illusionist and artist is transiting from Pisces. The Moon is in Sagittarius and provides a spontaneous touch. The time of summer begins spontaneously, emotionally, sensitively, dreamily and empathetically. This quality of time is suitable for dealing with questions of trust, security, origins and family.

June 22, Full Moon in Capricorn. Cool, serious feelings.Controlled feelings oppose the sensitive energies of Cancer. Full moons are always about opposing impulses. This is about trust versus control, work versus family, order versus chaos. Don’t let yourself be drawn into one extreme – stay in the middle. The world is not black or white, but lives from the shades in between.

June 26 and 27, Mercury/Saturn. Clarity. Thoughts are structured, focused and clear. These are good days for important decisions or for long-term decisions.

June 30 to November 15. Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces. Revise and build trust. Many things can be analyzed and revised from June to November. The implementation of these findings should then take place from November onwards, when Saturn goes direct again. Once Saturn turns retrograde, our discipline and stamina will also be put to the test. Relapses often occur and it is therefore time to tackle these issues in depth. As Saturn turns retrograde in spiritual Pisces, it is also about trust, faith and spiritual development. It’s an excellent time to expand your consciousness through yoga, meditation, spiritual and mystical experiences, for example. It is best to focus on these areas and integrate them into your daily life through regular practice.

May 20, 2024, Bettina Bettini