Courage, freedom and assertiveness

Astrological preview for July 2023

Private and professional partnerships are in focus:


Venus holds the sceptre this summer. The planet of love has many faces. From selfless, romantic love to selfish, demanding and security-oriented love. Venus is not only for relationships, but also for finances. This is why professional as well as private partnerships can feel constricting and become complicated. Love and security often go hand in hand, are not only selfless, but on the contrary often selfish.


In July, the cosmos sends liberating energies: Life, love, interpersonal wants to be alive, free from constricting conditions.


Because the outer world is formed from the inner world, the transformations begin within you.

The cosmic energy helps you to set out on the path of autonomy and self-determination and to courageously and powerfully get rid of obstructive imprints. .


July chronologically:



July 1, Mercury/Sun/Jupiter. Offers and possibilities

Good days to become active for your goals. Happiness is in the air. With clear goals, discipline and the right timing your plans will unfold successfully.

Expand your horizons now, approach people, be courageous and move forward.


2 to 8 July, Venus/Mars/Uranus. Interpersonal surprises

Venus and Mars dance close to each other at the beginning of July, together in the sign of Leo, 4 degrees apart. They symbolise the female and male principle. However, they never quite unite. This erotic love dance is also joined by freedom-loving Uranus.


Thus the desire for unconventional adventures attracts the new and mixes up relationships.

According to the motto, freedom and adventure, a new love begins now for some. However, not much stability is to be expected.

Rather, the cosmos sends forces to break taboos, to allow new patterns and to free oneself.


The energies are more suited to loosening than to binding.

That is why they are not suitable days for long-term binding agreements.


In the areas of interpersonal exchange and also money (Venus also stands for finances), surprising and unexpected developments are to be expected.


July 3, noticeable one week before and after the Full Moon. Super full moon in Capricorn. Taking responsibility. 

A wonderful experience, as the moon appears particularly large in the sky.

It gives much depth and clarity.


The moon is now in perigee, that is, at the closest point to the earth. This means that its gravitational forces have an even stronger effect on the Earth.

Because the sun and the moon are opposite each other at full moon, the full moon energy is always charged with tension. Two opposing impulses become visible, become conscious and want to be united.


With this super full moon, the sun is now in Cancer and the moon in Capricorn.

The tension is revealed between the maternal and paternal principle, between tenderness and discipline, between emotional fullness and rigid restriction, between connecting and separating.


This full moon tells us: mature, awaken, take responsibility.

That is why this time window is suitable to responsibly carry the nurturing out into the world.


On the other hand, a lot can break open during these days for people with strongly repressed feelings. Especially those who have a Capricorn Moon or the Moon in conjunction with Saturn in their horoscope will feel these tensions more strongly. Old patterns can break open and show themselves. Who protects and comforts the protectors?


7 July. Mercury/Uranus. Innovative thoughts and conversations

Today we are open to new perspectives. Thinking and speaking are original, spontaneous and flexible. We can look forward to refreshing insights and ideas.



July 10. Mercury/Pluto/Neptune. Repressed truths and open conversations

Lies have short legs, as secrets are spilled more quickly now – this can lead to crises or liberation or both.

The days are suitable for having profound, open conversations. The mind works particularly critically now. Be forgiving!


Radical and conflictual energy is tempered by Neptune. Respect the boundaries of others and seek constructive conversations. These are good days to address repressed conflicts.



July 11-28, Mercury in Leo. Enthusiasm and self-expression 

Because Venus (until October 12) is also transiting Leo, the love of self-expression is especially strong.

We seek recognition and attention. Along with this, our own thoughts and ideas can be expressed creatively and with much enthusiasm.

An extremely inspiring and creative thought process accompanies us through this summer.



Mid-June into the autumn. Retrograde planets: Strengthen the inner self. 

Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, the social and collective planets are retrograde until autumn. This means that a time of introspection now follows until October.

What could I have done better, what went well? We get time to question what has happened in the last three years.

With the ever-increasing external chaos, this introspection can have a particularly healing effect.


Everything begins with energy. The body and its health are merely a mirror of the invisible energy we produce. So it is much more efficient if we first start working with the inner energy instead of changing the outer reality.


If you feel fear, anger, insecurity or inferiority, examine this energy. Be mindful of your inner being and how you nurture it.

Seek and feel stillness, joy, simplicity and love daily. With this you can change things at the root. These changes rest within yourself, in stillness.



July 14 and 15, Sun/Uranus. Personal freedoms

Encourage your creative powers. Renew what you want to renew. Let go of what hinders you. Be unconventional and break taboos.

Suddenly unexpected and refreshing possibilities appear. Impulsive forces can also erupt.


17 July, New Moon in Cancer. Noticeable from 16 to 19 July. Family reforms

The relationship theme drags on. This time it is especially family and domestic, security-giving ties that undergo a test.

Because Pluto, the planet of great transformation, forms a tension with this New Moon, these days have an intense and formative effect.


New moons are always good for corrections and for new beginnings.

The time is ripe to break away from dependencies that no longer fit.

But especially to forgive each other, to start anew.

Since this also involves financial issues or our different world views, it is worthwhile to adopt an attitude of compromise and trust.



July 20, (palpable from July 18 to 24) Mars/Saturn. Blocked locomotion 

Concentrate on the essentials, give in when things don’t go your way.

Actions quickly reach their limits. Take it easy if you are slowed down during these days. Be especially careful in traffic.


22 July, noticeable from 20 to 24 July) Sun /Pluto. Power 

A hard aspect connected to the dark side.

Many things seem dark, we get angry more quickly, power issues challenge.


23 July. Mercury/Uranus. Bad nerves

This is aggravated by a lot of restlessness and nervousness. It is important to keep calm and not to react hastily.

In good times, however, we can count on good ideas.


23 July to 3 September, Venus retrograde. Tempi passati 

The goddess of love stays in the sign of Leo for an unusually long time because of her retrograde. Look where the sign Leo falls in your horoscope, because there you will experience a special activation of Venus themes. It stands for partnerships, values, diplomacy, beauty and pleasure, for art, but also for finances and possessions.


With Venus retrograde, energy is increasingly directed inwards. Good times also to take care of self-worth and self-love.

What seems important and valuable now enters a revision phase, is questioned and renewed.


This is not only about love issues and partnerships, whether private or professional. With Venus it is also always about money, possessions and spiritual values and norms.

What do you want to change? What patterns do you recognise that disturb you?


With Venus retrograde, the past catches up with us. The cosmos gives us time to clear up old stories. That’s why we like to revisit the old times. It is quite possible that we will meet old acquaintances during this time window.


28 July, Mercury/Venus and Venus retrograde. Big, beautiful words

In the beginning was the word….

Mercury in Leo expresses itself magnificently. Also, with Venus conjunct, there is a lot of love mixed in with the words. The spectrum ranges from highly creative thought work, great communication to whispers of love. Whoever is looking for THE slogan will find it now.



Zurich, 25 July, Bettina Bettini