Divine the new

Astrological preview for February 2023

What was planted as a seed at the new moon on January 21 is now maturing and unfolding more and more.

At the same time, what no longer has any validity is becoming apparent. We are in a process of detachment that is pushing things strongly forward and foreshadowing where the journey is headed.

By May 2, all planets without exception are moving forward. Thus matters are developing rapidly. Thereby it is not so easy to keep the overview and to gain clarity. For this we can rely on an excellent intuition, which shows us the way. 

The urge for something new makes us impatient, nervous and a bit radical, but it has the potential to change our lives from the ground up. 

Listen to your heart, trust your intuition, try new things, expand your horizons and find new boundaries.

Especially the days around the full moon on February 5 carry you further in the direction of constructive renewal. Ask yourself what does you good, gives you joy and brings you further.

When it comes to moving on and moving forward, the cosmos is united behind us in February. Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn on February 10. This allows important questions to be explored. The spirit of research is awakened, lets think profoundly, critically and close to reality.

Venus, the goddess of love, with her highly sensitive, romantic, creative and spiritual touch in Pisces, also helps to follow the path of the heart.

Much of February is about love, relationships and merging with universal love. Venus, in fact, addresses the most primal of loves in Pisces: Acceptance and non-judgmental love for oneself and thus for all beings.

Listen to your heart and follow your intuition, so you create the basis for a fulfilling future.

February chronologically: 

February 5. The full moon in Leo. Lively, fun-loving days 

The days surrounding this full moon are anything but boring. They are alert, varied and restless days that may keep some of you up at night.

The energy is creative and full of a desire to conquer and renew. They are also good days to celebrate life and community.

With the impulsive and also quite nervous stars, be careful on the road. Technical mishaps can also complicate daily life. Be careful not to get bogged down and to maintain focus.

Particularly affected by the full moon energy are the zodiac signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, born between the 5th and 15th of February, May, August and November, and also those who have their ascendant or other important planets there. Those who want to see which areas of life are affected can look at which house or area of life this Full Moon is in.

February 10, perceptible from the 9th to the 11th. Mercury/Pluto. Profound thoughts Pay attention to the choice of words and maybe you prefer to hold back consciously.

The truth wants to be relentlessly brought to light, thought, written or spoken. It is quite possible that uncomfortable news and revelations are making the rounds. The days are suitable for analysis and to tackle problems from the depths.

February 14 and 15, Venus/Neptune in Pisces. Divine Love Everything is about merging and connecting in love with all beings. Venus in Pisces loves the transcendent, seeks fusion with ideal love, and that is why it often represents platonic love. Direct love, the greatest and strongest of all forces, to yourself, to your loved ones, to your ancestors and to all your fellow human beings.

These days are especially suitable for meditative, spiritual but also for artistic work. Let yourself be inspired.

February 16-17, Sun/Saturn. Reality If dreams are to come true, they should stand up to reality. These days show that once again. Good days to face reality, make adjustments, and also to make decisions. They are also good days to be productive, diligent and disciplined.

February 18 – March 21, Sun in Pisces. Reconciliation and Inspiration 

Pisces is the time for the arts, spirituality and merging. Delight in music, painting, poetry, and whatever soul food the universe has in store. Immerse yourself in the universe of the non-material.

Pay special attention to the contents and to the quality with which you connect. Limit yourself if necessary.

With Pisces the zodiac closes and from March 21st a new astrological year begins with Aries. Pisces is therefore also the time of fasting. These days are suitable for letting go of the old, for cleansing the soul, the body and the mind.

February 20, New Moon in Pisces. Making dreams come true 

Because austere Saturn is close to this Full Moon, we are confronted with our mistakes and imperfection. In doing so, you learn to better accept yourself and embrace imperfection. However, Saturn also helps us visualize dreams and build confidence.

Pay attention to your dreams, share them with other people, and if you like, perform a wishing ritual.

Bettina Bettini, January 28, 2023