Susan Fischer

Susan founded Serrat(u)s studio in 2002, expanding into one of Zurich’s hottest tips for yoga and bodywork. She realised her dream of creating an oasis for body and mind with charisma, dedication and discipline.

After studying modern dance, Susan trained as a Gyrotonic® instructor in the 90s, while also studying dynamic yoga and Esalen massage.

Susan’s urban-shamanic wisdom is shared with love in rituals such as sweat lodges in the canton of Zurich. It weaves tradition and design into a unique form. Susan creates workshops for a meaningful transition in life. In the time of collective transformation, she expands her horizons with astrological knowledge.

The yoga excerpt from the SRF documentary about Langstrasse – already a decade ago! And almost 20 in circle 4.

The whole documentary, 360˚ Langstrasse (2011).

“Surrounded by the loud and shrill world of Langstrasse, she has created an oasis of calm.”


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