The only constant is change

Astrological preview for Mai 2023

But you can use the strong energies well for yourself. The concentrated willpower helps you to reach your goals. So that this succeeds, you should not let yourself be distracted, stay with you and focused and not take advantage of anyone.


The lunar eclipse of May 5, 2023: Let go, change, transform – grant entrance to the new. 

(Visible in Africa, Antarctica, Russia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Indian Ocean).


After the intense solar eclipse (new moon) of April 20 in Aries, the lunar eclipse now follows on May 5 with the full moon in Scorpio and the sun in Taurus. Because the two planets (Uranus and Pluto) of collective upheaval and change play a major role, crises could come to a head and things could happen that markedly alter the status quo.


The old, patriarchal world dominions are facing the new, spiritual air age. Power conflicts between the population and the elite are intensifying. By the way, the French Revolution took place under very similar planetary influences.


A lunar eclipse is always also a full moon. In this eclipse, the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Suppressed emotions and long-held secrets come to light. Bubbles burst, even corruption scandals could make headlines. It’s all about big money, investments, debts, taxes, loans – and corruption and crime.


The window of opportunity between April 13 and May 10 is likely to be turbulent, emotionally demanding and confusing. It is possible that you will be confronted with situations that will suddenly turn your life upside down.

It’s best to wait until mid-May to make important decisions. 

In addition, Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, is also retrograde until May 15, which is also unfavorable for important decisions.


Personal: Trust your intuition

It might be a challenge to cope with the intense energies. Therefore, it is important that you allow yourself enough time for rest.


The window of time until mid-May also offers the ideal framework for an inner realignment.

Just as the world is shedding its skin, it could also be a good time to shed unwanted emotions, patterns, or ways of doing things.


You can also use the Scorpio Moon phase to uncover secrets or repressed things within yourself or your family. During this phase of change, it’s also worth paying attention to your dreams. It is an inspiring time, with visionary inspirations. Trust your inner self, your intuition, for there you will find the way.


Personal influence

Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius of the second decade, or whoever has important planets or the Ascendant there, are more directly affected by this eclipse.


Which areas of life affect you personally, you can look up in your horoscope. The Sun is between 14 and 15 degrees Taurus and the Moon is opposite it, between 14 and 15 degrees Scorpio.

Where the eclipse falls, but also where the running Pluto falls (0 degrees Aquarius), you can expect important formative developments. You are also welcome to look at this with me at an astro session.

May chronologically:


May 1-6. Pluto is stationary. Problems with power issues

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius is able to expose the downside of power in politics, business, science, technology, artificial intelligence, but also to give power to the voice of “the people.”

Globally, demonstrations of power and repression could escalate.


Personally, you might become more aware of the role manipulation and enforcement issues play in everyday life.


This intensity is especially felt by people with planets at the end of the zodiac signs Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer or those with planets at the beginning of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.


May 1-15. Mercury retrograde. Revision of Values 

With Mercury retrograde, it’s best not to start anything new. Rather, it’s a matter of revisiting or finishing old things, revising projects, and cleaning up.

With this retrograde, Mercury is in the earth sign Taurus. It’s about material values, including intrinsic value.

The financial markets could be volatile and unpredictable.


For yourself, this is a good opportunity to get your material world in order. It’s not just about finances, but also about food, pleasure, consumption, possessions, the body, your job, career, and self-worth. 


What do you want to change on a practical level? The time is ripe to revise these issues. Ask your heart to discern what needs to change. What do you own or what owns you? What no longer brings you joy? How can you slow down and calm down again?


Because Mercury forms a tension aspect to Pluto throughout the month, ways of thinking and speaking show themselves to be one-sided, extreme and opinionated. Lazy compromises are revealed and naked truths show themselves. There is also a tendency to fixate on things. Consciously go into serenity again and again and try to take a bird’s eye view.


May 1-30. Jupiter square Pluto. Firing the Power 

Jupiter fires up power issues throughout the month. If power is abused in any way, escalations can occur. On the good side, the combination of both planets gives motivation, strength and confidence for change. You can stand up for your goals and move closer to them.


The urge for change is enormous and the threat of pushing it through with all your might can cause resistance. 


May 5. Full moon, lunar penumbral eclipse in Scorpio. What are you putting down?

(Effectiveness stretches beyond 6 months.)

It is a force pointing to an end. With the intent to bring about change, shadow issues and repressed issues come to light.

Adjustments can no longer be avoided now.


What are you personally ending, what are you closing? Whatever it is, it may happen like a flash out of nowhere or it may come as a sudden realization. It is important to remember that lightning does not discharge unexpectedly. Before that, a thunderstorm, a tension builds up.


On the other hand, this darkness offers important insights to create clear conditions, to clean up from the depth. Trust your feeling, follow your intuition, open yourself for visions. This eclipse acts like a cleansing thunderstorm.


May 9. Sun Uranus conjunction. Unexpected. 

The plan today is that nothing goes according to plan. Stay calm and flexible.

The rest of the days remain unsettled, with a low threshold of irritation and a tendency to short-circuit actions.

If you manage to stay with yourself, not to lose yourself in external events, then you can benefit from especially strong spiritual forces. You may have an important intuition or receive a groundbreaking vision.


May 16-25, exact May 21. Mars opposition Pluto and trine Neptune. Defend with conviction 

Mars, the planet of activity, reacts highly emotionally in Cancer. In conjunction with Pluto, the energy expresses itself in a tense and aggressive manner. Neptune, on the other hand, provides an altruistic attitude.

There is fighting for higher values, out of conviction, which adds motivation to the matter, and the fronts may harden.


Suppressed feelings can suddenly give vent and erupt violently. This could also lead to accidents and acts of violence.

Behave defensively in traffic, keep the “ball flat” and be especially mindful.


In good, you can use this powerful energy for your projects and goals. It is important that you have a clear goal in mind. With this you can set mountains. 


Affected are people born at the end of Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or at the beginning of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.


May 17, 2023 to May 25, 2024 Jupiter moves into Taurus, forming a conjunction to the Moon’s Node and a square to Pluto and to Mars. Too much of a good thing. 

Jupiter the planet of expansion in combination with Pluto the powerful, fuels power conflicts but especially greed. Everyone now wants more money, more power, more wealth and prestige.


It also shows the relationship that we humans take to the earth. The global problems of our livelihoods are increasingly intensifying. Warm, strong winds, drought, torrential rains, drought, fire, rising sea levels, the production of food with poisons – I could extend the list at will. The signs of Mother Earth and of the Father of Heaven speak a clear language.


With Jupiter in Taurus, the financial world comes to the fore for a year. Jupiter acts like a magnifying glass, increases what is available – and available are worldwide above all enormous mountains of debt. 


May 28. Sun square Saturn. Lack 

To further honor the month of May and its changing moods, it ends with an aspect of lack. Lack of strength, energy and confidence. People like to compensate for this with a confrontational assertive tendency.


But don’t make too much of it, because first of all a particularly peace-loving and cheerful June is just around the corner and secondly the soup is never eaten as hot as it is cooked.


Get well over May and all the best, Bettina Bettini on April 24, 2023