A new awareness of responsibility

Astrological preview for Pluto's entry into Aquarius

If the Sun and Pluto now move together into Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, this symbolizes a powerful shift in consciousness that will manifest both globally and individually.

This is because both Pluto and Uranus describe issues that affect us collectively and the Sun describes issues that affect you personally.

In particular, not only will existing world views be overturned, but new technological developments will also be driven forward at a rapid pace. We can expect major upheavals and progress in these areas, which will change our everyday lives and the way we are as individuals.

Look in your horoscope to see where the sign of Aquarius begins, as extraordinary liberating feelings or events can be expected in this area of life, depending on the constellations. 

Of course, you are also welcome to book a session with me so that we can see together where and how the big changes are likely to take place in your life.


Expanded perception = expanded responsibility

However, development also leads us into a multidimensional perception – in the sense of being connected with all life. We become more individual and at the same time we have to learn to take full responsibility for our feelings, thoughts and actions in order to survive.

Pluto, the elemental feminine force of life and death, takes the Sun, which stands for human will and consciousness, by the hand and leads it into the realm of Aquarius, Uranus, which rules over chaos and free will. Then the Sun will move on alone, aware that it has now been empowered.

With this, the gods take their leave. They leave multidimensional, holistic perception to humans as a gift. The connection with all life: I see this as a sign of an expanded consciousness. 

Light, love, compassion and hope are generated from within, that is where the elemental force lies, with YOU.

Pay attention to the signs that you set during these days. Combine this unique event with peace in your thoughts, feelings and actions. If you like, perform rituals and meditations during these nights.Welcome the expanded consciousness of love and the feminine elemental force.


January 17, 2024, Bettina Bettini